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&1 More Design: Branding for the Town of Yarrow Point

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Recently I helped the Town of Yarrow Point with their branding. The first part of the project was to rework their logos; they wanted to maintain two distinct logos as part of their brand family.

I created a consistent type treatment and cleaned up the provided imagery for each logo. Then I developed a color palette and incorporated various taglines to maintain a cohesive look & feel.

18 friendly & approachable icons were created to be used in email newsletters and on the web site. A style guide was then developed to outline the new design specifications.

Web Template Customization:

The final part of the project was to customize a WordPress Template featuring the new branding guidelines. Updated banner photos were introduced in addition to the development of a new "Current Town Initiatives" page to communicate the status of various town projects in a succinct way.

You can visit the updated web site here.


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