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Updated: May 19, 2019

When Washington Wildlife Federation contacted me, I learned that their web site hadn't been updated for quite a while. The content on the original site was primarily text and their goal was to create a modern, image filled and user-friendly online experience. The goal was to clearly articulate (through pictures and text) their vision & mission to provide educational workshops, share their achievements and identify ways for people to take action.

After a thorough round of research, both within their organization and with other organizations in similar spaces, we created a wireframe of the proposed new web site. The goal in the wireframe phase is to establish a site structure & navigation scheme in addition to identifying the content needs and the hierarchy of information for each page of the web site.

From there, we moved into the design phase. The organization requested that the site be created on WordPress to tie into their admin system and related web sites.

Below are before & after screen grabs of the site redesign. As you'll see, the content shifted from a densely packed and text-heavy site to one bright with imagery and content presented in easy-to-read groups of information.

Before the redesign:

And the home page after the redesign:

It was important that the content clearly & quickly identified what the organization was about to peak the user's interest, introduce the organization's areas of focus and the ongoing education workshops they host. Given that they are a nonprofit, providing easy access to online donations was also an important feature.

More detailed information is presented on the Education and Advocacy pages, with photography & text working together to enhance the experience.

Such a great organization and a pleasure to work with! Check out the new web site at


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