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&1 More Stitch: Bags

I finally sewed a few bags again! The first bag I made recently was Klum House's Maywood Bag. I love the design, especially the fact that it's easily convertible between a tote and backpack.

I used a combination of waxed canvas and cork for the front pockets. All of the straps were ordered directly from Klum House; they are very high quality and nice to work with.

The final size of this bag is perfect because it fits my larger laptop. Maybe on the next one I make I will refrain from adding a bulldog patch though!

The next bags I made were two versions of Noodlehead's Hillside tote. I used cork on cork for the one to the right and altered one of the front pockets shapes.

After finishing that version, I made a second one using a linen canvas fabric as the main panel and cork only for the pockets. I think the second version is much more successful.

I'm inspired to make this tote one more time with the pockets 1.5 inches shorter and a wider box seam so that it's more stout and wider altogether. Fun pattern to customize!


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